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Anonymous Proxy Servers

An anonymous proxy server is one of the most common kinds of servers that many individuals and organizations use today while surfing the web. This proxy is equipped with software that wipes out information about your IP address from any page that you request online, and replaces it with its own. It sort of makes you look like a ghost on the web. In fact, an anonymous proxy erases even information about your actual location, thereby hindering any form of illegal connections to your personal computer, laptop or any other device being used to browse on the internet.

Individuals or organizations can always develop their own proxy servers to use in anonymously surfing the web. However, there are also various anonymous proxy servers that are available online for free, which can be used by the public. Considering this, the proxy enables users to go about their online activities without being noticed. Although, it does not mean that using a proxy indicates the user is trying to hide. There are cases, for instance, when using WAP internet on mobile phones, all users are required to initiate connections via proxy servers.

What are the benefits and risks of using an anonymous proxy?

As discussed above, anonymous proxy servers have certain advantages and possible disadvantages, which you may need to consider when thinking of trying out the proxy. They include the following;


  • Average internet connection speed
  • Privacy in browsing the internet
  • Can be used on almost 99% of online tasks


ü The website or page you are visiting is likely to discover that you are using an anonymous proxy server. This may sometimes make some sites that do not approve of anonymous browsing to cut off your connection or deny you access.

Things to note when using an anonymous proxy server: 

There are several other things that you also need to look into when using an anonymous proxy server to connect to the internet. Due to the rapid changes in technology and trends on how people surf the web, there are various online tools that can be used to browse anonymously. Web-based proxies are the most common types, which only require you to visit the website of the proxy service, type in the preferred URL and establish a connection.

Although this type of proxy server features average connection speeds, it should be noted that speeds may sometimes vary depending on the pages that you are browsing. The anonymous proxy software has to process every incoming and outgoing webpage request in order to deliver results. For the software to hide your IP address, it may need to bypass certain procedures or delete some information, which could potentially impact connection speeds. As all these take place, some pages may load slowly or do so with errors.

Do not just use any online tool for anonymous browsing, instead, find a recognized proxy with a clearly documented privacy policy. In many occasions, there have been reports of malicious hackers who have created fraudulent anonymous internet-based proxies to gather information from unsuspecting internet users. Although they may seem genuine at first sight, such proxies can be harmful and easily expose so much information about you like, passwords, usernames, and location among others to hackers.

“Open proxies” are some of those you should try to avoid. These are usually proxy servers that appear to be abandoned, but in real sense, are intentionally left on the loose for various reasons. In fact, quite a number of “open proxies” are traps that have been left by hackers with the aim of accessing private information of internet users. Besides, they may also harm your computer by creating viruses and other unwanted changes.

It is also important to note that there are some websites or pages that do not allow users anonymous access. This means that you will not be able to visit the sites when using an anonymous proxy. However, this varies from one webpage to another since each have their own terms and conditions. In case you come across such webpages, it is advisable to use another type of proxy server that they recommend.

Apart from an anonymous proxy server, there are also other types of proxies that can be used to hide the identity of the user while browsing the internet like, elite proxy, transparent proxy among others. However, the privacy levels vary.

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