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If you are in search of a Brand New internet Proxy to use to access websites blocked by filters, such as WebSense, you have come to the right place! Brand New Proxies lists fresh anonymous web proxies to unblock websites that might be blocked by your ISP or government. A web proxy is an alternative to TOR that doesn't require any special software, doesn't throw error messages like "TOR: The proxy server is refusing connections." and allows you to anonymously browse the web and bypass content and domain filters. Internet proxies are a popular way of bypassing anything that might block you from visiting your favorite sites, such as YouTube or Facebook.

SOCKS5 proxies can be used in your browser settings to bypass your local firewall for any website you visit. CGI aka web proxies work through a website that you have to visit and then paste the URL on that website in order to access it through the proxy. This method works best if you have no permissions to change your browser settings or the network you're in already uses a proxy for internet access that includes the content and domain filters already. Brand new proxy helps you find a proxy to bypass websense and other firewall gateways at your school or working place and surf anonymously.

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A reverse proxy is a different type of proxy, where the webmaster of the website you're visiting puts a proxy in-front of the server rather than you connecting a proxy by choice from your PC. A reverse proxy can be used for a variety of different reasons, for example to remotely protect a web server from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The reverse proxy hides and protects the IP address of the web server a website is hosted on, thus keeping it safe from cyber attacks of all kind. Some reverse proxies also act as a CDN, which increases the performance of a website around the world.

If you're looking for a reverse proxy rather than an anonymous web proxy, to say hide the origin hosting server of your website and protect it from DDoS attacks and hackers, you need a HTTP reverse DDoS proxy and not an anonymous proxy. A reverse proxy for remote DDoS protection and web application firewall from say JavaPipe can help you make your website DDoS protected and safe from attackers, hackers and other cyber criminals. Using a reverse proxy service to protect a website became very popular during the past couple of years, as it's an easy and cost effective method to protect and speed up websites. Also referred to as DDoS proxy, a HTTP reverse proxy with built-in DDoS protection can be a lifesaver when a website or a business is under heavy DDoS attack. Another alternative to protect yourself from DDoS attacks is to move your hosting to say a VPS with DDoS protection or a dedicated server that's housed inside a DDoS secured network. This will keep you safe from these types of cyber attacks.